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c/o Werder Solutions AG
Bachstrasse 89e
5034 Suhr
T: +41 79 211 58 24




Open phone is the largest provider of Skype-based telephone services. Our customers are reachable via Skype without having to operate or install a Skype account themselves. With open-phone you can be reached by Skype within 24 hours using your existing telephone infrastructure. Thanks to the selected technology and the fact that you donít have to install software, you are safe from dangerous viruses. The open-phone business account is a simple and comprehensive service. Ideally, you will immediately contact us so that we can reserve the best Skype address for your company and set up a test account. And soon any Skype user will be able to call you free of charge. This and other services are available for only CHF 10 per month. Go here for non-binding queries and to your test account:
Application for a test account