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All information, software, documents and other content on the websites maintained by Werder Solutions AG and «open-phone.net» are subject to the following conditions. Please read these carefully. By using and/or accessing information, software or documents on Werder Solutions AG and «open-phone.net» websites, you expressly agree to be bound by the following conditions:


Not an offer/no guarantee

The purpose of the websites is to communicate information about our company, our services and products. They do not constitute an offer in the legal sense.
The websites are produced in good faith and to the best of our knowledge, but we offer no guarantee that the information, software, documents and content on the pages is complete or free from error.
For binding information, please refer to our policies and to our General Insurance Provisions.


Limited liability

In no cases does Winterthur Insurance accept liability for any direct or indirect losses or consequential losses that arise as a result of using software, information or other material from the websites of «open-phone.net», or that result from accessing links to other websites.
Werder Solutions AG and «open-phone.net» offer no guarantee that the information, software, documents or other content that can be accessed from any of its websites is free of viruses or other harmful components.


Links to other websites

It is possible to link from these websites to other Internet sites that are not maintained by Werder Solutions AG and «open-phone.net». Such external Internet sites contain information created, published, maintained or otherwise made available by organisations, persons and corporations that are legally independent of Werder Solutions AG and «open-phone.net». Werder Solutions AG and «open-phone.net» are not responsible for the content of these pages, and it does not approve support or confirm information contained in external sites or in addresses to which they are linked.


Data security in the Internet

Please remember that the World Wide Web is a freely accessible, open system. Each time you voluntarily give personal information online, you do so at your own risk. Your data may be lost as they travel over the Internet, or they may fall into unauthorised hands. Werder Solutions AG and «open-phone.net» use the appropriate measures to protect personal data from unauthorised access. However, Werder Solutions AG and «open-phone.net» cannot accept any responsibility and/or liability for data security.


Proprietary rights/intellectual copyright

The content of Werder Solutions AG and «open-phone.net» websites is copyright protected. It is forbidden to alter these pages in any way. They may not be reproduced, linked or used for public or commercial purposes without written authorisation in advance from Werder Solutions AG and «open-phone.net».
When you download or otherwise work with software and/or other information, all proprietary rights remain with Werder Solutions AG and «open-phone.net».
Werder Solutions AG and «open-phone.net» reserve the right to add to its websites or to change or delete information at any time. Please consult this page every time you visit a Werder Solutions AG or «open-phone.net» website.